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Well Plugging

      Pollock Water Well Drilling can plug abandoned wells according to State of Texas Regulations.

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Irrigation Wells

Pollock Water Well Drilling provides comprehensive water well drilling for public supply clients.  State of the art equipment operated by our qualified and experienced drilling team.  Our team ensures your well project is completed efficiently. 

We can drill and service  multiple designs of public supply wells.  We have the technology of recording data if pump is equipped with a sub monitor to download any electrical problem you may have.

Pollock Water Well Drilling is regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations.  Client Resources

Pollock Water Well Drilling is a certified member of the Texas Groundwater Association.

Pollock Water Well Drilling is insured and bonded for your protection.

Public Supply

Pollock Water Well Drilling's specialization  in residential wells, ranch wells and irrigation wells makes the customer experience an easy one.  Our Experience helps give our customers what they want as well as staying within legal regulations of the water district they are in and the State of Texas.

Pollock Water Well Drilling provides pressure cemented  wells with steel casing for residential wells, which enables a home owner to drill his water well within 50 feet of his septic system and lateral lines and five feet away from property line.

We offer above ground booster and storage systems when more storage is needed.

In addition to a residential well for your basic needs, a residential well can also supplement a municipal water supply or can be used solely for residential sprinklers or large turf irrigation systems.

Residential and Ranch Wells

Pollock Water Well Drilling can perform water well inspections.

Water well inspections can be done on existing wells  of property that a customer is interested in purchasing.  

Inspections can also be done on existing water wells for any reason of concern a customer may have in its function and capacity of water. Contact Us

Plumbing, Electrical and Pumps

Building of Water Falls

Pollock Water Well Drilling drills and services many irrigation wells every year. 

We perform irrigation work for commercial and residential customers, from farmers to country clubs to home owners and schools.

Pollock Water Well Drilling has products for getting the customer Three Phase power where there might only be Single Phase power.  We use a phase converter which can be a Ronk, Add-a-Phase, or Aqua Phase.

Phase converters help get Three Phase power where others get Single Phase power as well as converting back to Single Phase power if needed.

Some Water Districts allow different volumes depending on acres.  You can have down times so that your water well turns on only in off peak hours.

You can call your electrical supplier for peak hours.

We stock plumbing, electrical and Grundfos Pumps.